Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Social Fictions II

Das Diskurs- & Performance-Happening übte sich vergangenen Sonntag in der Kunst des Protests.

Protest Literature

“Theater is a transformation of reality into fiction”. I had to think a lot about this sentence, said by Sanja Mitrovic at the Social Fiction Happening. Transforming reality into fiction means transform reality into a possibility of protest. The fiction of a reality allows a better one. I, too, like to believe in this utopia. Another sentence of Mitrovic was, as an artist, she wants to have an impact on our society like the suicide bombers of 9/11. How far can you go as a performer to have an impact on life? This question seems to be asked by many performances at the SpielArt Festival.

Von Melanie Pyschny

Sanja Mitrovic's talk Theatre as the existing – theatre as the possible

"People are protesting against everything nowadays: Wall Street, Nuclear Energy, Reconstruction of main stations, Educational Systems, Politics. But if you’re always against everything you can’t move anything forward. If you just keep shouting “No” reasons will obliterate. Protesting has become a part of our event culture, it’s free time activity, it’s random.
It might be dangerous: If you’re filmed and registered as ‘potentially aggressive’. Or you can lose an eye to a water cannon. In some places you might even get arrested and simply disappear.

But please... never stop protesting!
Show your opinion. Block. Discuss. Be part in something. Start thinking for yourself. Show. Shout. Be creative. Don’t stop changing the world."

Von Cornelia von Schwerin

In Social Fictions Lounge

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