Dienstag, 29. November 2011

SPIELART goes Bollywood

The work of God’s Entertainment is new and amusing. They take us into a journey beyond our imagination, making us to participate in their games and play. The audio-visual display is present throughout the performance giving us details of the story we are watching. The play is fun and entertaining which I believe it was their goal. They succeed! As we feel so comfortable and willing to join, that we want more. Full of props and vivid colours that enrich the environment that they create for us. Simply and fast paced you travel, perform, and enjoy this exhilarant play. I recommended going and watching it at least twice, because they give you the opportunity to choose how to live this journey.

Von Andres Parra

As the title suggests, God’s Entertainment latest offering is a piece of intercultural theatre which seeks to expose our ‘tourist souls’. There were some interesting and concerted efforts to highlight our unthinking cultural consumerism: there were coke cans on the benches as we entered the space, free-flowing schnapps and snacks and the piece culminated in a coach ride to an Indian restaurant where we were treated to a free Indian feast. Despite these fragmented efforts, the piece did not do enough to undermine the blatant cultural stereotypes it represented. As a consequence this production felt much more like a Bollywood-themed fancy dress party.

Von H. F. G. Gush

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