Montag, 28. November 2011


Following the daily reports and updated schedules from Montreal, DO TANK seemed relatively easy to grasp. Information was nicely filtered and abstracted not risking risky entanglements. Having arrived in Munich, everything reveals itself as pure noise, chaotic attempts to successfully establish communication and multiple things happening simultaneously. Katrin, these are serious attacks on my perceptive tools! How much more confusing must one single glance into the world “as it really is” be, how unprepared are we for enduring direct access to the irreductions we are actually seeking?

Only now I understand what an effort the erection of laboratories, their mechanisms of abstraction and processing really is. I am not sure if we are able to bring method to this madness, but thankfully our forefathers have relieved us from much toil, though we are seldom grateful enough. While I do not wish to repeat their epistemological aberrations, I start to understand the sheer size of Latour’s non-modern project.

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