Dienstag, 22. November 2011

10 Journeys to a Place where Nothing happens # 1


We, Taito and Juha, started to ponder this performance five years ago. The first notes date from the autumn of 2005. That is when Juha drove a few times to Kantele to plan it. The moose carcass was shot in November. In December we shot some pictures of Taito as a moose-hunter. The ground and the trees were white. We got a small grant for the planning of the project.

In 2005, Taito's first daughter was born and Juha's father died. When did Taito's father die? Taito became a moose-hunter after his father died, because he wanted to keep the rifle his father had made himself. For that Taito needed a permission to carry a gun, and for the permission he needed hunter's diploma.

In 2006, we made another performance together.

In 2007, Juha divorced.

In 2008, we wrote some emails, in order to find out if somebody would be interested in performance where nothing happens. Somebody was interested, but nothing happened.

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