Dienstag, 22. November 2011


Was ist DO TANK? What is DO TANK?

DO TANK is an attempt to respond to the social and political challenges in our communities by taking an action which reflects the artistic practices of the participating artists.

DO TANK is time not money. But money is a very important aspect of DO TANK because it enables it to exist at SPIELART and because it invites people to open their wallets and donate money for an Opera village in Burkina Faso.

DO TANK is starting at the 18th of November.

DO TANK is an attempt to engage and take action but it also sometimes means disengagement, refusal and retreat.

DO TANK developed in Pinkafeld, in a small village in Burgenland and in Vienna, in Helsinki and in Munich and it had also a trip to Venice.

DO TANK is politics in action.

DO TANK is hope in action. DO TANK is a social sculpture. DO TANK IS a social movement.

Ist DO TANK Kunst?

DO TANK is art but DO TANK is an attempt not to distinguish between art and life.

DO TANK wird die Welt nicht schlechter machen.

DO TANK is a community of artists that meets in the BASE CAMP AT Muffatwerk for 2,5 weeks but it’s also a wave of actions that migrate all over the city of Munich.

DO TANK ist ein dreiwöchiges Experiment in Handlungsetüden.

DO TANK is a simple naive utopia.

Ist DO TANK Nahrung?

DO TANK is a migration strategy for a very strong family of plants that first occupy the contaminated landscapes.

DO TANK ist ein UNORT.

DO TANK is a place to sweat together.

Ist München reich?

DO TANK is a result of 10 months of ongoing dialogue.

DO TANK ist ein Labor definiert durch prozesshaftes Arbeiten.

DO TANK is a curatorial residency of the FestivalLAB joining forces with Pathos Munchen.

DO TANK is yellow, Purple, Green and Fuchsia.

DO TANK is a transformation.

DO TANK is feeding and being fed.

DO TANK is in a constant state of becoming. DO TANK is a constant attempt to change perspective.

DO TANK is a game to find out what is most important to us.

DO TANK ist ein Kickstart.

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